The Aims and Objectives of the Halal Food Association are;

Halal Food Association (HFA) is an independent organization of all halal food handlers/dealers from all over Pakistan. The Association established in August 2020.

Aims and Objectives of the Halal Food Association:

  • Promote and Protect the Rights of Halal Food dealers in Pakistan;
  • Provide Training and Capacity Building programs for the dealers related to Halal articles and processes;
  • Provide Legal Protection from undue interference and unjust penalties of Halal Food Authorities in Pakistan;
  • Represent the Halal Food Dealers with communication, coordination, and interaction with all local, provincial, national, and international stakeholders as well as with government and non-governmental authorities, etc;
  • Maintain a register of all persons, firms, and companies at the local, provincial and national level;
  • Recommend the Halal Standards developed for articles and processes, to Halal Food Authorities, Provincial Government, Federal Government, and the National Standards Body;
  • Increase membership, conduct regular elections at the local, provincial, and national levels for a true representation of Halal Food Dealers.
  • Provide Recommendations mechanism for the Accreditation of Halal Certification Bodies and adoption of Halal Certification systems;
  • Provide recommendations for the improvement of Halal Food regulations
  • Develop plans and programs for ensuring compliance of policies related to Halal articles and processes with the Halal Standards;
  • Assist the new dealers for obtaining Halal Food Registration and Certification etc with relevant authorities;
  • Find and develop the opportunities for member dealers of imports and exports, trade and commerce with foreign countries and inter-provincial trade and commerce etc;
  • Arrange and conduct public awareness campaigns in relation to the Halal sector in general and to Halal products and processes in particular;
  • Secure international recognition of the Halal logo to build confidence in the Halal Certification system and Pakistani Halal products at the national level and abroad;
  • Coordinate with national and international organizations for strengthening the Halal sector;