Join Halal Food Association by filling the following membership form;

  • Membership Fee Rs.100/- per month (or pay Rs.1000/- for the whole year).
  • Submit ID Card or Passport Copy.
  • Submit the Halal Food Authority Registration Certificate (Optional).


Rules of Membership As per DGTO.

(1) Any business concern shall be eligible for grant or renewal of membership of any trade organization if such business concern meets the following conditions, namely:-

(a)     the prospective member is a sole proprietorship or a partnership firm or an association of persons or a company holding national tax number and sales tax registration, if applicable, in name of the business concern;

(b)     the prospective member’s business fits within the defined business scope or area of jurisdiction of the trade organization as provided in the said trade organization’s approved memorandum and articles of association and under the licence granted by the Federal Government;

(c)     the application for grant of membership has been proposed and seconded by existing members of the said trade organization;

(d)     the prospective member has no criminal conviction; and

(e)     the prospective member has a valid national tax number and sales tax registration, if applicable.

(2)     The Regulator, if satisfied that a prospective member meets the eligibility criteria under sub-rule (1), may direct any trade organization for the purposes of enrolling any such person as member upon the application of such prospective member having filed a complaint with the Regulator on the grounds of delay or refusal in obtaining membership in the said trade organization.

(3)     Membership may be cancelled

or such membership be disqualified, in addition to the grounds provided under the trade organization’s memorandum and articles of association, if the member breaches any provision of these rules or the Act.

(4)     The membership of a trade organization shall be granted for a period of one year and shall expire on the 31st day of March each year irrespective of the date of grant of membership.

(5)     The membership shall be renewable on annual basis subject to fulfilment of following conditions, namely:-

(a)     payment of prescribed subscription within the time stipulated in the memorandum, which shall not be later than the 31st of March; and

(b)     proof of filing return of income tax and sales tax, if applicable, for the

preceding year.

(6)     Upon a complaint filed by the aggrieved member, the Regulator, if satisfy that the renewal of membership of an eligible member has been delay or refuse, may direct the trade organization to renew the membership of the applicant.